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Lakes & Ponds: Perfect for flat waters, these kayaks will maximize your time spent fishing.

Rivers & Streams: Take command of the current in a fishing kayak designed to fish moving water.

Salt Water: Conquer the seas — and the fish — in a kayak that is as confident in open water as you are.


Pedal: Powered by your legs, leaving your hands free for catching fish.

Paddle: The perfect option for the traditional kayak angler. These models offer the perfect balance of features on a lightweight body.

Motor: Put all your energy where it should be – the catch. Cover greater distance with a battery-powered motor. Keep your hands free for fishing and the adventure going longer.


Sit-on-Top: The open deck offers plenty of legroom and accessible gear storage. The seats and hull are designed for the increased stability needed for higher performance fishing.

Sit-Inside: Ideal for paddling longer distances in colder water, these closed cockpit watercrafts grant more shelter from the elements. The closed hull includes room to store gear.


You’ll want to consider how much storage you need for gear and tackle. Our kayaks offer a range of storage to make sure everything you bring has a place and won’t get in your way. Our Predator series is outfitted with every option you can think of including mounting plates, under seat storage, and an oversized stern tank. The Topwater series provides resources like accessory rails, for an easy way to customize your fishing set up based on you gear. You’ll find the most essential storage solutions from our recreational kayaks.


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